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The Power of 3 Distance Healing Experience

"The Power of 3" is a transformative distance healing experience held in perfect timing to harness the energies of the Capricorn full moons. 

This unique journey will feature the combined power of three healers: Kim, Sandy, and the greatest healer of all—YOU!

How It Works

Three Days of Distance Healing

Over the three days of the full moon, Kim and Sandy will send focused healing energy each day to you, all while you relax in your own home or go about your normal day.

Three Healers

Join virtual forces with Kim and Sandy to create a powerful healing trio. Together, we combine our energies to magnify your intentions and send healing to you.

Three Intentions

As part of your participation, you will set three heartfelt intentions. These can be anything you desire—health, abundance, love, or personal growth.

How We Support You

As the third healer in this powerful trio, you will be provided guidance and support from Sandy and Kim through email and in a private Facebook Group. You will receive specially created meditations and be able to create a personal ritual at home to align with the healing energy being sent your way - this can be as simple or elaborate as you like. By actively participating, you tap into your innate healing abilities, becoming an integral part of the process!

Benefits of The Power of 3

Enhanced Healing

The synergy of three dedicated healers magnifies the impact of the healing energy for the entire group.

Personal Empowerment

By actively participating, you're accessing and strengthening your innate healing abilities.

Lunar Alignment

The Capricorn full moon is a potent time for manifesting what you desire in your life. Our combined efforts during this period can lead to profound shifts.


If you find it hard to make in-person appointments, this is perfect for you. Remote healing can easily fit into your busy schedule, supporting you when needed.

Exclusive Offer

For the special introductory price of $88, you'll receive:

  • Three days of distance healing from two experienced energy practitioners, incorporating multiple energy modalities, from June 21st to June 23rd.
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group where you can interact as much or as little as you like.
  • Personalised support from Kim and Sandy via email and in the Facebook group.
  • Assistance in creating a personal ritual to use during and after the three-day period.
  • Custom meditations and guidance for setting your intentions (see bonus offer below if you're quick!)

**Fast-Acting Bonus for the First 5 Sign-Ups

The first 5 participants to sign up will receive a special bonus—a 20-minute Zoom session with Kim.

In this session, Kim will analyse your astrological birth chart and identify the house, or area of your life, illuminated by the Capricorn full moon. She will then help you create a personalised intention that aligns with your current situation in that specific area of your life, allowing the astrological energies to empower your intention, enhancing the Power of 3!

This experience is limited to 10 spaces in total.

Are you ready to activate the Power of 3?

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each question to toggle open the answer.

How does distance healing work?

Think of a mobile phone. It’s not necessary for two calls to be in physical proximity in order to talk, as phones use electromagnetic radio waves to connect with other phones. Similarly, recipients do not need to be in physical proximity to practitioners to receive Reiki, just as practitioners don’t need to be near recipients to send it.

What does distance healing feel like?

The experience of receiving distance healing varies based on the recipient's sensitivity. Some may feel physical sensations like warmth or tingling, while others might not feel any physical sensations but notice a greater sense of calm, relaxation, optimism, and empowerment. Healing may accelerate, and their overall sense of well-being can significantly improve.

Do I need to be ‘present’ during the sessions? I’m busy that weekend.

Not at all! While many who receive distance reiki sit comfortably still or lie down for sessions, it’s not necessary to take time out to receive it, which makes it a perfect option for those ‘too busy’ for an in-person session.

Do I need to sit down at a certain time to receive the healing?

No, you don't need to sit down at a specific time to receive the distance healing. Every morning and night Kim and Sandy will conduct distance healing sessions using a personalised ritual involving multiple healing modalities (including Reiki, crystal grids, sound, Alsemia, Emotion Code, Ashati, Seichem). These modalities allow for continuous healing energies to flow to you and your intentions across the 3-day period, and it will reach you regardless of what you are doing at that moment. However, we encourage you to engage in your personal ritual and listen to the provided meditation at a time that suits you each day to enhance your connection to the healing energy.

How do I get started?

Register for the offering using the booking area below. Bookings close on Sunday, June 16th.

What happens after I sign up?

You’ll receive an email with:

  • A link to join the Facebook group.
  • A guide on how to write your intentions.
  • ️A link to a custom full moon meditation to support your intention-setting process.

What if I don’t know how to set intentions?

No worries! Once you’re all signed up, you will be sent all the info you need to prepare for your intention setting, including examples. You’ll also be given access to the group page and all other resources. Participants are encouraged to workshop their intentions with Kim, Sandy, and other members in the Facebook group if support is needed.

How do I prepare for the healing sessions?

Kim and Sandy will post in the Facebook group and send emails to guide you in creating an activation ritual for the three days. An intention-setting journey meditation will also be provided, which you can listen to daily as part of your ritual.

When will the healing take place?

The Capricorn full moon is on Saturday, June 22nd. Kim and Sandy will send distance healing to each participant and their intentions on June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. Participants should complete their own ritual at home during these days. This process ensures you are supported every step of the way, from intention setting to receiving powerful distance healing during the full moon.

I have more questions!

That's completely okay. If you’re keen to know more or have specific questions, send me a DM on Instagram or send me an email and I will happily provide more information for you.

Your Healing Team

Kim Rooney

After receiving years of regular Reiki treatments, Kim decided it was time to take responsibility for her own healing and now she is passionate about awakening the inner healer in others.

Kim has a Bachelor of Education and over 20 years experience as a primary school educator, pre-service teacher supervisor and mentor to beginner teachers.

Kim completed her Reiki I, II and Master training with Franceska Jordan AM, an internationally recognised counsellor, speaker, author and healer. Kim is also a certified Crystal and Sound healer.

Sandy Nixon

Sandy is a Reiki master who has also trained additional energy healing modalities including Ashati, Alsemia, Seichem and The Emotion Code.

She conducts all of her energy sessions via distance, which has enabled her to connect with others all over the world – forging friendships and sharing in the joy of the spiritual journey.

It also works in perfectly with her day job as an Osteopath at Wavell Heights, treating the aches and pains of people from all over Brisbane and beyond.

Bec Stivanello

"I'll never forget the time you sent Reiki healing to me when you were sitting on the top of the Tor in Glastonbury! Soooo good!!! I can't wait for this Power of 3 experience."

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