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Stress affects both adults AND children, taking a toll on family life.

Having to navigate group friendship dynamics, school and extracurricular activity demands, sibling rivalry, their desire to please parents, teachers and coaches… these are just some of the reasons why children aren’t immune to stress either!

Practicing meditation alongside your family is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with each other and learn to relax.

Studies have shown that meditation:

  • reduces stress, making us feel more relaxed and in control
  • increases attention span
  • helps us appreciate life more
  • helps us feel more connected
  • improves focus and memory
  • increases self-control, patience and stillness
  • allows us to face everyday challenges with greater ease and patience
  • improves immune response
  • decreases hyperactive behaviours
  • improves interpersonal skills, including self-control and empathy.

I would love to share a variety of meditation practices that I have used in the classroom throughout my 25+ year primary teaching career!

In our session together, we can explore strategies to calm the mind and body, so that your child can proactively manage any challenging feelings that come up for them in their daily lives. Then each member of the family can rest comfortably on a mat, get cosy, and drift into a deeply relaxed state as I guide you through a meditative process and deliver a host of tranquil and soothing sounds in and around your body.

I have one one-hour sessions available (12-1pm) where you and your family can join me at TriBalance Yoga Studio, Gordon Park, and receive the incredible benefits of sound healing with me.

By exposing your children to a variety of meditation practices now, and building a daily meditation practice in your home, you are setting your children on the path to a healthier adulthood.

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What people say about Private Family Sessions...

I have been taking my three children (11, 9 & 6) to see Kim for family sound healing sessions for the past few months. Kim has been working with the us and teaching us about chakras and using this energy model to help the kids deal with the ups and downs of life. I have one child with additional learning needs and one with anxiety (undiagnosed). The kids have used the knowledge that Kim has given them and often reflect on it when we discuss a situation or an emotion at home.... My son (anxious one) used the comprehensive notes given to him by Kim over the holidays as a calming strategy. He would take himself away with his crystals at times of stress and follow through the notes that were applicable. We will be back! Kim has an absolutely amazing way with children and makes them so at ease. She approaches her work with the delight and excitement of a woman who has found her calling. 5 stars for sure!

Joce G

I have experienced, enjoyed and benefited from two sound healings sessions with Kim in the past month. One was in a group setting and the other a private session with my children. I left both sessions feeling calm and relaxed, yet focused and clear. Kim’s ability to put you at ease makes these sessions highly accessible and worthwhile for individuals who experience anxiety, including children. I would definitely recommend Kim’s services to others. Kim thank you again for sharing your knowledge and talents with us!

Karen W

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