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Throughout history, The Arts have been used in a variety of ways to heal emotional injuries, alter behaviours and thinking patterns, increase understanding of oneself and others, develop a capacity for self-reflection and reduce symptoms of dis-ease.

Join Kim and Creative Mentor, Ashley McHardy from Nurture the Knack, as we gather an intimate group of women and explore the therapeutic qualities of Sound and Art Therapy under a Full or New Moon. This magical four hour Circle experience will support you to release anything that no longer serves you and create new intentions for the future.

Our Sacred Arts Workshop includes:
❤️ Candlelight and oracle cards
💚 A delicious grazing plate and organic tea
💛 Sound Healing, Guided Meditation and journalling for inner reflection
🧡 A guided lesson to create a Neurographica art piece. This art form does not require any kind of drawing skills; the magic is in the DOING, not the final artwork
💜 Listening, sharing and holding space so that each woman feels the power and magic of being seen, heard and valued
💙 A welcome gift which includes a crystal gift, a journal and pen to take home with you.
💗 All other art supplies are provided to explore colour play and creativity.

What is Neurographica Art?
This creative method stimulates new neural pathways by combining art and psychology, engaging the subconscious mind and connecting mind to body. It enables us to process negative emotions such as anger, fear, and insecurity, so that it may be transformed into self-love and self-worth. The best part is - If you can hold a pencil and write, you can do this art form. No artistic skill required! It isn't about the final product, it is the journey and the 'doing' of the art that is transformational.

What is a sound meditation?
Lie down comfortably on a mat, with a cozy blanket over you and pillows under your head and knees, and simply listen as Kim leads you through a guided meditation and plays a variety of instruments around your body. As you “bathe” in the soothing sounds and vibrations, the sound frequencies will slow down your brain waves to a deeply restorative state, allowing your body’s natural healing system to work more efficiently.

What people say about attending the Sacred Arts Half Day Retreat...

I loved the process of stopping and focusing on the depths of the conscience during the sound bath; tapping into the feelings and emotions that we tend to suppress and leave unresolved due to our busy daily lives. It was very enjoyable to have something to nibble on. It also possibly helps with some focus... nibbling whilst ‘creating’. Not unlike having the background music… all senses awake and engaged. Having this time all to myself, felt wonderfully indulgent, but very much needed. I loved the special time that was shared within the circle during the creative process. I do find it hard to be vulnerable, but the energy was very positive and supportive. The experience provided meaningful insights, perspectives, reflection and steps toward healing.

Deb K

I adored doing the Neurographica Art and enjoyed all of the art materials… such a treat! The music bath was intense and beautiful, and I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s journey of their own piece of art.

Coriander R

It was a nice combination of the cards, crystals, affirmations combined with the artwork. It was nice to give everyone the opportunity to share in the space about what theirs meant to them too… think it could have sparked off some healing!

Joanne I

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